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Hope is Like Steamed Crabs – One is NEVER Enough

There used to be a commercial about the impossibility of eating just one Lays potato chip. While the background was different, the punchline was always the same, “Bet you can’t just eat one.” And after enjoying one, they always, always, always wanted more. Eventually, they grabbed the bag and chowed down (1).

It may not be all about potato chips for you, it might be chocolate, shrimp, ribs, fried chicken, donuts. It doesn’t matter what your “one” thing is. The fact is that no matter how disciplined you might be, there is that one thing, that one weakness, that one craving that drives you to have more.

I have never seen or heard of anyone sitting down to eat just one steamed crab. It’s an impossibility. They are so delicious, so sweet, so spicy. When we sit down to eat steamed crabs, there is always a desire for more, room for more.

Hope is like eating steamed crabs. With hope, one is never, never, never enough. When we receive hope, it does something unique to us, for us.

  • Hope scratches an itch we just can’t reach.

  • Hope fills an emptiness we just can’t close.

  • Hope quenches a thirst we just can’t satisfy.

And when we share hope, a funny thing happens. We don’t lose any of our hope. Quite the contrary, we actually increase our hope. The more we give, the more we gain.

Give some hope away today. Click here if you need some ideas about how to give some hope away(2).

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