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Ultimate Hope

As you can tell, I really like hope. All anyone has to do is say the word “hope” and I’m there! You don’t have to ask me twice. You don’t have to remind me. You don’t have to text me. Just say the word “hope” and you get my full and undivided attention.

Goosebumps grow all over me just thinking about hope. When each day arrives, I get up early because I’m all pumped up to live with hope. And when my feet hit the floor, I’m almost vibrating with hopeful anticipation.

And then I like to talk about hope. I enjoy hope. I relish hope. If it were possible, I’d roll myself up in hope. I don’t care what I look like, I don’t care what I smell like. It doesn’t matter if stuff gets on my face, or in my hair. I am all-consumed with hope, and that’s more than enough for me.

But then something happens. 

Eventually hope begins to disappear. Slowly at first, but then more and more until it’s gone. The sweet, hopeful feeling begins to vanish. Hope begins to fade. What was once a brilliant and unescapable experience starts to fade like the sunset. Try as hard as I can, the hope memory will shrivel and eventually die.

We can have a great hopeful experience. Be filled with hope because someone gave us an encouraging, hope-filled reminder. And it’s great – for a while. Then that hope, as fantastic as it was, starts to get dimmer and dimmer. Eventually, fading away.

That’s why we need to replenish hope. We need a constant diet of hope. We need reminders of hope. And as good as those reminders are, they will all fade away.

That’s why we need to think about ultimate hope. A hope that will not fade. A hope that will not fail. A hope that will not fluctuate.

I’ve looked high and low for such a hope. I looked for it in power, possessions, position. I thought that if I was smart enough, funny enough, successful enough, rich enough, that it would be enough. But it wasn’t enough.

When I came to the end of my rope, someone told me that all the things I’d been chasing after were only a shadow of life and hope. But full and real hope, the ultimate hope, was in a person. And that person is Jesus. If you doubt my words, listen to what Jesus said about himself.

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

John 10:10

That certainly is a bold claim. That promise of a full life is right there for us. But it requires us to give ourselves to him. And since we can only go after one thing at a time, this means that we must abandon trying to fill our lives on our own.

And that relationship with Jesus doesn’t end. He’s with us each and every day. He stays close by, never fading, never failing, never far away. He starts right where we are and goes from there. He’s with us each and every moment. Surrounding us. Living in us. He never runs away. He never abandons. He’s never unreachable.

May you look for and find your ultimate hope in him.


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