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The SHAPE of Hope

There is no one quite like you. There has never been anyone like you, and there will never be another you. Your DNA is not only unique, it’s wildly unique.

Remember the Mr. DNA scene from Jurassic Park(1)? DNA has over 3 billion codes. If you looked at screens of this code, one screen per second, for eight hours a day, it would take you two years to just glance at it. And this does not include all your education or experiences. This helps form the SHAPE of your hope.

The SHAPE of your hope is unique.

S – Selflessness

Thinking about, saying, and doing what is best for the other person, and not for you. Hope is built all around the other person, not you. So get over yourself.

H – Hang On

There will be times when you just want to quit. Hold on, hang on. Remember, there was a time, there was a day when someone wanted to quit on you. And they didn’t.

A – Allow For

People will change, sometimes radically. As they change their minds, go in a different direction, we need to allow them, give them space to grow in hope at their own pace.

P – Peaceful

Peace is like putting back together something that has been broken. As you glue back the pieces of their hope, be forgiving, and flexible with your words, thoughts, actions, and attitudes.

E – Exemplify

It’s easy to talk the talk, but much more difficult to walk the walk. Only encourage in areas that you have seen some personal growth. Admitting weakness and failure if HUGELY helpful too.

The SHAPE of your hope might be just the thing that they need.


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