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Strong hope TIES

We all need to improve our TIES with hope. And improving our TIES with hope comes with practice.

As I was walking through Walmart’s parking lot, I met two young men whose job is to return shopping carts to the store. After a brief conversation, I handed them the card. They immediately looked at me and said, “This is just what I need.”

That same day I saw someone that I have not had any contact with for some time. They asked me what I was doing, so I shared the card with them. Their response was classic, “Boy, this is certainly something we all need.”

So, how do we improve our TIES with hope? Here are four tips.

T – Timely

To strengthen your hope TIES, you can’t wait around. When your tooth starts to hurt, do you wait around? No, you need to act and act quickly to refuel your hope, share your hope. And there is no better time than right now.

I – Ignite

Hope is like a flame that gives off light and heat but does not burn up the source. Once we start our hope fire, we need to keep feeding it hopeful messages and experiences, sharing them with everyone we connect with.

E – Energize

When you share hope, don’t be surprised how it energizes those that receive your hope. And when you see others energized when they receive hope, it doesn’t reduce your hope. On the contrary, it grows your hope to new and higher heights.

S – Skill

While you can start sharing hope right now, right where you are, you can get better at it. Sharing hopeful messages is a skill that can be improved on, practiced, refined. Try different approaches, give out a card with your hopeful message, be creative.

The offer of hope is something that everyone wants and needs, You might just be the difference-maker in their life today.

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