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Scheduled Christmas Reboot – Hope for the Holidaze

Yes, I admit it. I am a geek! Was one of the first people in Baltimore to use a plastic pocket protector. Used a slide ruler, an early adopter of pocket calculators. I’ve gone through lots of cell phones – approaching two-dozen of them.

I really like technology, but there are some things that I do because I like to do it my way.

One of these things is that I schedule a reboot of my laptops, cell phones, digital modem, and Wi-Fi router. I power them down, so they reboot and restart fresh. I don’t wait for a problem. Just the opposite, I schedule the reboots to avoid problems.

With everything else going on, maybe you need to schedule a Christmas Reboot. Take some time to reboot your Christmas. Your life.

But what does a Christmas Reboot look like? To answer this important question, let’s look to one of the central Christmas characters: Mary.

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.

Luke 2:19

She treasured up her memories and then went through them in her heart and mind. Over and over again, she thought through them, looking for;

  • How God had been faithful.

  • How God had been loving.

  • How God had leaned towards her.

Ask yourself these three questions. But not just once, but over and over. Look for God in all your circumstances and you’ll find him faithful and loving because he’s been leaning in towards you all the time.

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