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Saucy Hope - Ribs are Like Hope

One of the things I like about ribs is variety. Yes, the ribs themselves all come from the same part of the pig, but just about anything after that is up for grabs.

  • How do you cook it?

  • Kind of fuel for cooking?

  • How long do you cook it?

  • To wrap or not to wrap?

  • Wrap it in what?

  • Type of rub?

Yes, when it comes to ribs, there is lots and lots of variety. We might even say there is lots of diversity when it comes to ribs. And nowhere is there more variety when it comes to ribs than with sauces.

Depending on the way you divide sauces, there are either four, five, or twelve different kinds of sauces. My favorite list has five types of BBQ sauce, and their base ingredients define them.

  1. Tomato – Kansas City BBQ Sauce, St. Louis BBQ Sauce, Texas Style BBQ Sauce, Memphis style are often sweet and compliment meats cooked in a sugary rub.

  2. Vinegar - North Carolina Style BBQ Sauce, Piedmont/Lexington BBQ Sauce (contains some ketchup but still vinegar-based) is sharp and strong.

  3. Mustard – Carolina Gold aka South Carolina style is tangy and peppery.

  4. Mayonnaise – Alabama white sauce is creamy with a horseradish kick.

  5. Worcestershire – Kentucky BBQ sauce is sharp, sweet, and bold.

While we can debate the pros and cons of the different kinds of sauces, there are two things we can all agree on.

First – we all like sauce.

Second – we all have our favorite sauce.

The same is true with hope.

First – we all like hope.

Second – we all have our favorite kind of hope.

My favorite kind of hope comes from a faithful friend who gives me encouragement. But doesn’t stop there. They also tell me the truth, even when it might make me feel uncomfortable.

Someone a whole lot smarter and wiser than me once wrote;

there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Find that kind of friend. Be that kind of friend. A friend that offers hope.

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