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Ribs are Like Hope – Hands On

Ribs are a great delight to eat. The savory-sweet meaty flavor marriage with the rub and sauce is a match made in food heaven. Who doesn’t like to eat ribs? Even my parents, both in their late 90’s liked to eat ribs.

People might differ about the cut and rub they like best. They can disagree about the sauce. There can be a serious discussion about side dishes. But they all agree on one thing.

No matter who, how much money they might have, or don’t have. No matter their place in the community, everyone likes their ribs. And no matter how much they might pay for the ribs, no matter the location or setting, everyone has one thing in common when it comes to ribs.

We all eat ribs with our hands.

No forks, knives, or other utensils. Ribs are strictly a “hands-on” experience. There is no way to be sophisticated when it comes to eating ribs either. It’s a down-home, family-friendly affair that comes with lots of wipes and napkins.

When you are eating ribs, no one is concerned about how they look. A little bit of sauce on your mouth and cheek is to be expected. And a drop or two of sauce on your clothes is a badge of honor to be worn proudly.

There’s something satisfying about holding a rib slathered in sauce. You bite into the meat; using your tongue to lick up the precious sauce that smears on your lips. You put the bone in your mouth and draw in every last drop of meaty goodness before discarding it.

Is this the way you go after hope? Are you “hands-on” when it comes to picking up hope and bringing it into your life? Or are you thinking more about what others might see or say?

Someone else can offer you hope, but no one else can pick up hope for you. You can read all about hope, think about hope, even surf the web about hope.

But hope is a deeply personal, “hands-on” experience.

Today is your day to pick up hope, bringing it into your life. It might be a bit messy, but the reward is well worth it.

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