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Ribs are Like Hope - Side by Side

Whenever you see ribs, they are side by side. They are perfectly parallel with one another. They got that way not because;

  • They had braces

  • Someone threatened them

  • Someone beat them up to grow straight

  • Their mother guilts them into standing tall and straight.

No, ribs are side by side because that’s the way they are designed. That’s the way they are made. From their DNA, they are designed to be straight, side by side. If they weren’t side by side, then they couldn’t make a rib cage,

The other reason they are side by side is because that’s the way they work. They would not be able to flex with each and every breath. They move up and down, in and out, with every breath. If they were solid like a skull, we would be dead.

When the ribs are side by side, they not only follow their design, they can fulfill their purpose. It makes no sense for ribs to try and be something they aren’t. If they start crossing one another, or if they get too far apart, or too close, they just don’t work right. And when your ribs don’t work right, life gets a whole lot more painful and difficult.

Hope is like that too. Hope needs to be side by side with more hope. Hope never stands alone, it only and always thrives with more hope. You stand up a single piece of hope, and it’s going to fail and fall.

How’s it going with your hope? Are you trying to stand all alone, or are you standing next to people that are going to support you? People that are standing with you?

Find your hope with people that are standing side by side with you.

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