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Rapid Ribs/Hope Hacks - Ribs are Like Hope

Some meals are reserved for weekends, holidays, and special occasions. We think of. birthdays, Labor Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, anniversaries. No matter the occasion, we want to make it memorable, and part of that memory-making magic will be the food. All special gatherings deserve special meals. But some meals take a long time which makes weekends and days off from work the logical time for such celebrations, such meals.

It’s no accident that one of the most popular meals on the 4th of July are barbeque ribs. Since they cook low and slow, there is plenty of time for the ribs to cook to their ultimate meaty tenderness and deliciousness.

But what about ribs when there’s not a weekend or additional day off from work? What’s to be done? There are some reliable and tested “rapid ribs” recipes. Here are the secrets:

  • Briquets, not real wood charcoal. Charcoal won’t last the hour required, briquets will.

  • Simple seasonings – salt and pepper only, nothing containing sugars that can burn.

  • Keep the grill lid tightly closed, including the top vent to control oxygen and heat.

  • Use thicker cuts of ribs.

  • Optionally spritz the ribs if you wish, but again nothing with sugar.

With the hectic, pressure-packed, anxious, unpredictable lives we now live, a nice relaxing dinner of ribs during the week may be just what the doctor ordered. And if we can cook up some decent ribs in less time, with less work, it might just leave us with more time with loved ones, family, friends.

We are on the lookout for hope. We need hope. But the traditional resources we’ve come to depend on for hope may not be available to us. We can’t abandon hope just because our normal, conventional ways of getting hope aren’t there anymore.

So, we need some hope hacks, shortcuts to hope. We also need some quick ways to find and share hope.

Here are two Hope Hacks from the Hope DIY section of our website.

Click here for tips on how to give/share hope (1).

Click here for tips on how to receive hope (2).

Share them with your family, friends, neighbors.

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