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It's been a while

Like you, life's been really busy. No excuse, just a statement of fact. Click the play button on this video below and I'm sure you can identify with me.

It came to a mountain top last Tuesday when my 101-year-old dad died in his sleep. I flew to Baltimore for a couple of days to make arrangements. I'm returning there again shortly for the viewing, funeral, and burial.

Through all this, one thing remains constant. It's what steadies my life in this cockamamy world. It's the solid rock beneath my feet. It's what I lean on.

Hope. Hope for today. And bright hope for tomorrow.

And that hope isn't in something you can touch. It's in the person of Jesus.

I'll be sharing all the good things going on in the upcoming days. But I wanted you to know that hope is still alive.

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Everything about this act suggests that he knew what my life would be like at times. But lately I've been able to deal with it better. Still not where I'd like to be but no relapses this year under some trying times.

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