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Is the world hopeless?

Hope is not the natural order of things.

If evolution is right:

  • the world came about through a massive explosion.

  • one life form grew stronger at the expense of the others.

  • the strong eat the weak.

  • one species changes, gets an advantage, exploits it, and eventually destroys and replaces the competition.

Evolution and the physical laws of the universe do not promise or promote hope. They are totally without feelings, without love, without hope.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons that hope can be so hard. The world and everything in it are in conflict. Everything is breaking down, wearing out. Just look around, all you have to do is nothing, and cars, highways, buildings get old, break down, fall apart.

Our bodies are the same. What once was smooth skin is now wrinkled and crepey. A full head of hair is now thinning, if there at all. Our memories, once sharp as a tack are now slipping away.

While hope is not of this world, we were made for hope. We need hope. We are hope-based creatures. Without hope, we will be starved of something more important than food or water.

Perhaps we are also not of this world.

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