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Hopeful Title

Today just so happens to be the day that Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor got the title he’s been after all his life. He became King Charles III. Before today, he’s had Prince of Wales title for 65 years.

While you may not have royal blood pumping through your veins, you’ve had titles throughout your life. Think back. Take a stroll down memory lane. Go back through your life and list all the different titles and job descriptions you’ve had. If you take a few minutes to list your titles, you just might be surprised.

Deciding that I shouldn’t ask you to do anything that I wasn’t willing to do myself, I looked back to all the different job titles I’ve had throughout my life. A quick count revealed that I’ve had at least 31 different titles from all the different jobs I got paid for. And just to add a little bit of spice to the list, I’ve had at least an additional 15 titles for roles that I didn’t get paid for.

Titles tell more than just what someone does. They can show us a lot about what a person’s like. Where they’ve been. What they’ve gone through. Titles can give us a window into their heart and soul.

It's good to have a title. It’s really helpful to know who you are and what you’re supposed to be doing. It’s even better to be working, doing what you were made to be doing. But there’s something even better. An even higher calling.

There's nothing better than to keep working till the job is complete. Nothing distracts you from doing what you’re assigned to do. You keep your eye on the ball. You keep doing what you were made to do until the job’s done. It’s finished.

We all have titles, but what would your title be? Would it show someone who's only interested in their own opinion? Their own happiness? Their own pleasure? Their own reputation? How many "likes" they can get?

When God looks at us, when he looks into our hearts, what does he see? Or maybe the question should be, who does he see? Does he see someone who’s a committed to him? Or does he see someone who's here today and gone tomorrow?

In Christ Jesus, we have the opportunity to have the title of sons and daughters of God[1]. Period. Once thaat title's given and received, there’s no changing it. He’s given it to us at the eternally high cost of Jesus on the cross. The question is, what are we doing with it?

Are we staying faithful to the title he’s given you and me? Now that’s a title worth noodling on.

[1] John 1:12

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