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Hope: Turn the Page

There comes a time in everyone’s life when it’s time to turn the page. To start something new: to re-start something you’ve been trying for a while. There comes a time to take that fork in the road, to turn the page and commit to it. To give it your all, to put all your energy and focus into it.

Have you come to that point when it comes to hope?

Well, I have.

This is the first wide distribution from I’ve been trying some things out for a while; creating a website, sending out blogs, writing articles.

I’ve had the honor and privilege to be on the receiving side, listening to lots and lots of people. Everyone and I mean everyone, it seems has a strong opinion when it comes to hope. Who knew? Everyone; from the guy in Walmart’s parking lot, the people in the local cell phone store, the checkout cashier at the grocery store, a greeter at the garden center. Everyone has their own, personal reactions, response, and recommendations.

But there is one thing that everyone agrees on:

We all need hope. We are all desperate for hope.

And that’s why I’m turning the page in my life, to try and offer some hope to people that live in a world gone to hell in a handbasket. Where the normal response is to take offense at, put on boxing gloves, yell at the top of your lungs, confronting everyone with all your might.

Now, you may be thinking – what special education, qualifications, gifts, talents, insights, does Chet have. Well, here’s the answer:


But I’m just a guy, just like you, who’s hungry and thirsty, just like you. And I’ve found some food and water. So, I’m just sharing what I’ve found, pointing to where I’ve found some help, some hope.

My hope is that if you need hope, or want to share some hope, that together we can share a hopeful message to our friends, family, neighbors, even complete strangers.

If this is not for you, that's fine. Please feel free to unsubscribe below.

But, if you need hope, then you might just be the difference in someone's life. Let’s commit to becoming more hopeful people together in the coming days.

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1 Comment

I am grateful that the Lord gave us His hope to cling onto and thankful that you cared enough to put this wonderful charity together for all to share! God Bless.

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