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Hope is Like Steamed Crabs - Together

There are some things in life that have to be done alone. I’ve had lots of x-rays in my life and I’m always alone for them.

There are other things that we choose to be alone for. For me personally, I like to play golf alone. I’m not very good and there’s always a chance I might hit someone with an errant shot.

I don’t have time to describe the details behind my drive off the tee in Ocean City, MD. And this wasn’t a putt-putt course either. I took out my driver and smacked the ball right into someone’s noggin. And like Howard Cosell so memorably put it, “Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!(1)”

Eating steamed crabs is the same. Eating steamed crabs is always, always, always together with other people. Perhaps it’s because cooking the crabs takes time, or that eating steamed crabs is so slow and messy. No matter why, steamed crabs are always eaten together, in the company of others.

If you want to increase your hope, then you need to be together in community. You need to get together with people, connecting with people who will speak hope into your life. People who will demonstrate hope to you.

And once together, you will be able to practice sharing hope with them too

Tomorrow – Yes, there is even a fifth way that hope is just like steamed crabs.

Any guesses?

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I liken the the 5th part of hope to a table full of steamed crabs, the all you can eat kind; it is a long satisfying meal filled with family, friends, love, laughter and conversations that lift and elevate our hopes and dreams.

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