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Hope is Like Steamed Crabs - Spicy

A big part of the Maryland steamed crab tradition has to do with the spices that go on top before you cook them. While there are a number of potential seasoning mixes and brands that you might use, there is only one real, true, and authentic spice to use.

Old Bay®(1). Period.

Yes, there are “others.” Some try to imitate the original. Others go in an entirely new and different direction. I’ve tried them all and there is one, and only one, Old Bay. No one comes close.

Whenever I eat steamed crabs, I’m transported back to a simpler, less hectic, less chaotic time. We’d sit around the table with family and friends for hours, picking crabs, talking, enjoying the crabs and each other. It’s a magical memory for me.

As we have moved around the country, one of the things that were carefully packed were the cans (yes, multiple cans) of Old Bay. When we arrived at our new destination, I immediately checked out the local grocery store scene for availability and inventory of Old Bay. There were some locations where it was just not available, so I turned to friends, family, and technology to ensure a fresh, constant supply of Old Bay.

There is just something about the spicy flavors that lift my spirits to the heavens. I also put it on fried and baked chicken, pork, eggs, salads, corn, cauliflower, you name it. But, for my money, Old Bay starts and stops with steamed crabs. And if by some chance, I happen to cut my lips while eating something with Old Bay, the pain is exquisite.

Hope, to be real hope, needs to be spicy too. Not just raw, blistering heat, but spiced with the memories that renew our strength, renew our hope. It will be memorable in a powerful way.

Today, look for the hope that spices up your life.

(1) Old Bay is a Registered Trademark of McCormick & Company, Inc., Registration Number 0429137, Serial Number 71489201, All Rights Reserved. For more information, go to

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