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Hope is Like Steamed Crabs - Sex

Now that I have your undivided attention.

There is an ongoing “battle of the sexes” when it comes to steamed crabs. Even though male and female crabs have numerous physical differences, this is not why people prefer one over another. The discussion and disagreements come down to one word: eating.

  • Do the different sexes taste different?

  • Does their meat have different textures?

  • Is there more meat in one sex versus the other?

Some things can be easily seen and measured without any bias or sex discrimination.

  • Male crabs are bigger and heavier.

  • Female meat is denser.

  • Male meat is flakier.

Now for the differences that are based on opinion.

  1. Most sources agree that female meat is tastier. Let the battle, yelling screaming, and Social Media arguing begin! This may be due to the fact that female crabs prefer saltier water. This saltier environment may account for their enhanced flavor.

  2. It is a basic truth that male crabs cost more than female. Pricing differs based on several things: time of year, size of catch, number of crabs being shipped and where they are headed. As I’m writing these words, a dozen of extra-large males are $125 a dozen while extra-large females are $88 a dozen.

There are lots of different theories and feelings about steamed crabs. Some people will only eat male crabs, period, no matter the cost. Others eat only the cheapest crabs. Others just don’t care all that much.

But they all agree that steamed crabs are a great treasure of the sea, and they are to be enjoyed whenever possible.

There are lots of differences when it comes to hope too. But everyone agrees on the one fundamental truth:

We need hope.

And our need for hope today is greater than at any other time in memory. So, we need to purposefully get up, look for, and get hope. And when we find hope, we need to share it with everyone we connect with.

Search for hope like the rare gem of life that it is.

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