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Hope is Like Steamed Crabs - Dress Down

No one, and I mean no one dresses up to eat steamed crabs. The idea of putting on nice clothes to eat steamed crabs is beyond laughable. Eating steamed crabs is a full-contact event. You use your hands to hold, crack, clean, pick and eat the crab meat. Your elbows are on the table in the middle of all the discarded shells, seasoning, splattered crab juice. There is nowhere to hide from the mess.

It doesn’t matter if you use your hands, knife, hammer, or (and I DO NOT recommend this at all) your teeth to crack open crabs. Stuff flies all over the place. Shell pieces, juice, meat, seasoning becomes airborne and no one can predict where it's going to land. Thinking that one of those small, cheap plastic bibs is going to protect you is just plain wrong. And it looks even worse.

You definitely want to dress down when you’re eating steamed crabs. There is no room for putting on airs. You’re going to get dirty, so just get over yourself, and join in the fun. In the words of Mike Rowe(1), “Get ready to get dirty.”

You don’t dress up to get hope either. Hope usually:

  • Doesn’t come from a palace, but a place you call home.

  • Doesn’t come from someplace fancy, but from someplace drab.

  • Doesn’t come from the spectacular, but from someplace simple.

When it comes to hope, come as you are. No need to dress up or clean up. Hope is an equal opportunity blessing that comes to all who;

  • Realize they need it.

  • Look for it.

  • Don’t stop till they find it.

If you’re looking for hope, you’ve come to the right place.

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