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Hope doesn't need to see or know

The first dentist I had as an adult had glasses. Now, this didn't interest me at first, but then I happened to notice there was a reflection in his glasses of what was happening in my mouth. In addition to giving me something to do while I just sat there, trying not to freak out, it gave me a sense that I knew what they were doing. But that's all it was - just a sense. I really had no idea what they were doing in my mouth.

Just so you know, this was a completely false sense of security and control. While I might be able to see somethings, I really had no idea what they were doing or why. Why did they stick that sharp thing into my teeth? It would get stuck and then they'd wiggle it out and more on. With all the different drill bits available, why did they pick that particular one?

I think this contributes to the reasons why most people are afraid of the dentist. You just have to lay there and have absolutely no idea what they're doing. When you go to a doctor, you can see what they're doing. But you're totally in the dark about what the dentist is doing.

When you go to the dentist, you have to exercise faith. You need to trust the dentist. Trust that they will only do what's right and helpful. That they will avoid needless pain and suffering. There are at least four reasons that you need to have faith in them.

  • I can't see what they're doing

  • I don't know what they're doing

  • I can't control what they're doing

  • I don't understand what they're doing

It's the same idea with hope. If we're to have hope, then we're going to have to trust God. Trust that he sees more than we do. That he knows what he's doing. That he knows best.

We're willing to let someone stick their hands and instruments into our mouth to fix our problem. So, why not let God inside and trust him to love on us? Doesn't it make a whole lot of sense to let him fix our brokenness with him and the rest of the world?

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