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Hope - Died of A Theory

A friend of mine was talking with a small group of friends about hope. To which, they all moaned. All of them, every single one of them said the exact same thing, their lives were virtually empty of hope. They easily recognized that they were low on hope, they needed hope, they wanted hope, they were desperate for hope.

Does this sound like anyone you know? Anyone you live with? Anyone you work with?

We clearly know that we need hope. We easily recognize when the amount of hope in our lives is low. And yet, we are not certain what to do about it.

We knew what to do when toilet paper and paper towels were in short supply. There wasn’t anything that we weren’t prepared to do. I left the house before 6 AM one morning, went to a number of stores, looking for the elusive TP. After coming up empty at 4 different stores, a complete stranger told me that there was toilet paper available at another store just five minutes away. After thanking them, my feet barely touched the ground as I sped over there to find the shelves stocked. The intrepid hunter returned home, covered in glory as he provided for his family.

We just can’t seem to get our arms around how to increase our intake of hope. Or even how much hope we need. Maybe it’s because there is no official minimum daily requirement published by the government, or anyone else.

We think of hope as something out there, somewhere. Since we can’t touch it, can’t get our hands around it, we think of hope as undefinable, unobtainable. And when we come to this conclusion about hope, that’s when this tombstone appears in our lives.

Hope – Died of A Theory says that hope is just that, theoretical, impractical, untouchable, unmeasurable.

But let me assure you that hope is real. Hope is obtainable. Hope is reachable. Hope is dependable.

And tomorrow, we’ll see the number one truth about hope that just might turn your life around.


Third in a series:

Hope: From Head to Heart

Practical steps for living with hope in a hope deprived world

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