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Can we Agree on Anything? - Ribs are Like Hope

In today's fractured world, it seems we can’t agree on anything. Whether it’s politics, the economy, social media, or social concerns. What once seemed unified is now broken into more pieces than a 10,000-piece puzzle where the picture has been removed from the box cover. And while these might be seen as big concerns, we are also fractured like a plate-glass mirror into a million little pieces over even the smaller questions and issues of life.

That’s why I was so looking forward to writing about something that everybody, and I mean everybody, could agree on. I was sure that there was universal agreement on this rib-related realm. I thought there was 100% agreement on removing the membrane from the ribs before cooking. I assumed that tearing it off was a given.

I hope you’re sitting down. If not, get comfortable and get a hold of your chair, because I’m about to rock your rib world.

Not everybody agrees! Be still my beating heart.

There are more than a few sources that go against conventional wisdom for removing the “silverskin” before applying the rub and cooking.

On the negative side of the question, most people talk about how it keeps seasonings and smoke from penetrating the meat. They also describe it as causing an unpleasant leathery skin on the ribs.

Those on the other side of the membrane matter say that it’s not worth the trouble. They also say leaving it on adds a nice texture to the ribs, much like natural casing adds a “snap” to hot dogs.

But, once we get behind the membrane discussion, we all agree that ribs are great. We can discuss loudly whether to remove the membrane or not. We can even disagree on the different techniques for removing it. But can we all agree that we still love ribs?

We may disagree on most things, but we all can ABSOLUTELY agree on hope.

We need hope. Our family and friends need hope. And yes, even those we disagree with need hope.

Don’t refuse hope from anyone.

Don’t deny hope to anyone.

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