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Can't do it all on our own

There are three kinds of thing in this life.

  1. Things that we'll do on our own. You know what I'm talking about, the things that we don't even think about doing. We immediately pick up a shovel and dig a hole. Do the dishes. To us, these are simple things and don't require any thought at all. Some of these things are natural to us. But some of them required lots of education, training, and practice. For me, it's easy to do the laundry because my mom taught me. From my earliest memories, I can still see my mom telling me how to pick up the dirty cloths and put them in the washer. Now, I don't even think about it.

  2. Things that we think about doing on our own. There are lots of things that we need to do in life, but there's an internal conversation about whether or not we're the best person to do it. I probably could do it, but there are lots and lots of doubts and unknowns. For example, our bedroom recently needed a fresh coat of paint. So, since I've painted lots of rooms in the past, I thought about doing it myself. Yes, I have the skills and strength to do it, but there were doubts about it. How long was it going to take if I did it alone? What about the mess I'd make? All those spills!

  3. Things that there just ain't no way that we'd do on our own. These are things that we immediately look for someone else to do. On my personal list, this includes anything to do with cars, plumbing, electricity, financial advice, filing taxes.

We all have our own lists of what we're willing to do. For example, I'm willing to become;

  • Surgeon - I once had a wart on my wrist that I pointed out to my doctor. He said it was nothing to worry about, but I bit it off anyway.

  • Physical therapist - do more exercise after major surgery in spite of being warned by someone a whole lot smarter and wiser than me.

  • Pharmacists - based on absolutely no medical training, I sometimes make my own medication decisions, overruling knowledgeable and wise advice.

I'm not proud of these and many, many, many other decisions that I've made over the years. And I strongly warn you not to do them.

But there's one thing that I've never tried to do, and that's be my own dentist. The idea of using one of those little mirrors to look into my mouth is something that I can't wrap my head around. But it gets more serious when the thought of doing something to my teeth that I've got absolutely no training for is just way out of my league.

It's funny though. We're not willing to try and be our own dentist, but we're more than willing to be our own God.

  • To call all the shots.

  • To make all the decisions.

  • To decide what's right or wrong.

  • To condemn evil.

And yet, when we we make ourselves into our own God, who do we get upset at? When our words, thoughts, actions, and attitudes blow up in our face, who deserves the blame?

Not us. We conveniently push all the responsibility on God. On the one who we've taken over for. We direct all our problems on the God who made the universe. We throw all our anger and frustration on the one who loves us and died for us.

You see, we can't be our own dentist and expect everything to turn out pain free and all hunkey-dorey. So, why can't we make the same decision about God? Why not try letting Him be God.

It's time to stop playing God, It's time to let God be God in our lives. He's so kind and loving that He personally took our sin and brokenness on Himself in Jesus. Why not let Him be our gracious, loving Heavenly Father? It's who He is and who He wants to be in our lives.

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