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Chet Gladkowski


A Bit About Me

Perhaps it's the overwhelming, long-term emotional and relational drain from the coronavirus, or the downturn of jobs and the economy coupled with the meteoric rise of the housing market. Maybe it started with 9/11 and the personalization of terrorism on our shores. Possibly it's the culmination of our culture saying that everyone is free to determine their own version of the truth because there is no ultimate truth.


We have sown the seeds of a society where there is no ultimate truth, reaping a harvest of insecurity, addiction and violence as desperate people fail to fill the “holes in their soul.” Millions are listening to the ever-present bombardment of self-help consultants and gurus, telling them the falsehood that the answer lies within. They direct us to grovel in worship at the feet of the unholy trinity; “me, myself and I.”


Whatever the reasons, there is one thing that nearly everyone agrees on – we live in a broken world and people are crying out for answers - real answers to the real problems of life.


While “self-help” is eagerly accepted almost without question, a “God-help” alternative is joked at and jeered. Some negativity towards a God-centered approach has been well earned, as people only see Christians as caricatures of negativity and pride. Many Christians live within a religious and cultural bubble hidden away from the daily bombardment and routine experienced by their friends, family and neighbors.


The time has come for a fresh voice and message that points people to the “root cause” of our “brokenness” and towards the ultimate solution. A set of rules or principles is powerless to change us. Now is the time for fresh thinking and a fresh approach. That's where GLAD Associates comes in.


Mission & Vision


GLAD Associates unique vision and mission is to reach people with the believable good news.




Using very unique and practical communication styles based on live and digital media, approach the issues and heartache that people face with the solution to our greatest need.




We cannot change ourselves, from within. We can only change from without, from the outside in. To live differently, we need new power and new priorities to the point that they overflow openly into the lives of others.

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